DDoS Protected VPN

DDoS Protected Gaming VPN (Advertisement)

Starting from as low as $4.99/m, you will get access to over 50 highly DDoS Protected locations all around the world with OctoVPN.
OctoVPN has been the leading DDoS Protected VPN Provider on the market since 2017, with thousands of satisfied customers using their VPN Daily! OctoVPN offers Normal VPN Plans as well as Private Servers which is the ultimate option in defense of online hackers!

Will it protect me against DDoS Attacks?
OctoVPN has servers that are untouchable and has never been affected by a single attack! OctoVPN will mask your actual IP Address, so when attackers try to find your IP Address either by sending you IP Loggers or in Game Sessions - they'll see the masked IP. This IP is highly DDoS Protected; not only that - it also masks your location!

Do they sell my customer data?
No! OctoVPN has a strict zero log policy, which means nothing you do is logged on our servers. They have declined law enforcement in many countries several times and provided them our Privacy Policy.

Does OctoVPN have a free trial?
Sadly not. Due to the amount of abuse it would get, they are not able to offer such. However, they have a seven-day happy or refund back warranty!

What countries/locations does OctoVPN Offer for $4.99/m?
You can check the full location list here: https://status.octovpn.com/

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