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Legal Information about the website

We are aware that the website is controversial and may not align with everyone's preferences. However, it's important to note that this website operates completely within legal boundaries and only provides information that is already public.

The IP Address information we provide is known as a Public IPv4. This type of IP is logged by nearly every website and internet service you use, including VPNs. It is virtually impossible to avoid having your IP address recorded at some point. Our platform utilizes AI technology to associate a Public IPv4 with a Gamertag. This process is supported by thousands of automated scrapers operating continuously, akin to how Google indexes websites for information.

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Fees for Blacklisting:

Charging for blacklisting services is a method to confirm user identity and prevent misuse. Additionally, excluding data from our scraping process requires additional computing resources, which incurs higher operational costs.

Preventing Listing:

To avoid being listed on our platform, you can choose to either blacklist yourself or use a VPN service.

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