Legal Info

Legal Information about the website
We are aware that the website is controversial & it doesn't fit everyone's taste.
This website is fully legal and only provides public information that was made to be public.

The IP Address we provide is called a Public IPv4. This IP is automatically logged on absolutely every website & internet service you connect to, even a VPN! It is unavoidable to not get your IP Logged at some point.
We use AI Technology to assosicate a Public IPv4 with a Gamertag along with thousands of automatic scrapers that are running 24/7. The same way Google scrapes website for information!

Articles that may help you understand more

But what about charging me for blacklist?
Charging you is a way of identifying that you are the actual user & prevent abuse. Excluding data from our scraping process also cost extra computing power which costs more money to run.

Can I prevent my self from getting listed?
Either by blacklisting yourself - or using a VPN Service.