Advanced IP Logger

What's this tool?
This is an IP Logger! It allows you to create custom links that you can send to people in order to obtain their IP Address.

The following data will be available:
• Full IP Address w/ Accurate Geo IP Information
• Browser
• Operating System
• Detect Incogoto/Private Mode (Coming Soon)

FREE Limits:
• Create 1 Page with 10 results max. Oldest result will end up being deleted.
• Ability to view Country, City, ISP, Browser + System OS.

Premium Limits
• Create 10 Pages with 100 results each.
• Ability to view the IPv4/IPv6, Country, City, ISP, Browser + System OS.

The redirect feature should not link to any phishing pages or illegal content. All links are heavily monitored.
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IP Logger Type
Redirect URL
Only needed when using "Redirect to URL" method.
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