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What's xResolver?
xResolver is the only working and up to date Xbox One Gamer Tag Resolver. Simply submit the gamertag, and we'll return with the IP Address!

How does it work?
If you find your own IP/GT logged, you've been captured by one of thousands packet sniffers that have been in a game session with you. The safest way is to use A VPN to prevent this! There are hundreds of tools & services which allows users to get someone's IP.

Is this service LEGAL?
The IP's we list are Public IPv4's. Every website you visit will automatically log your Public IP Address; there is no federal law restricting giving a Public IPv4 out. What is illegal is how you use the IP's, but generally speaking. An IP is Public Information, along with Gamertag. These IP's are captured through P2P Services, no 'hacking' involved/required. You can remove your own data/ip from our database by requesting it, however it may be automatically added by our packet parsers. The permanent solution is blacklist. You can request your IP to be removed from this form.